Top ten reasons for dating a football player

10-Mar-2014 15:17

There is nothing like defeat to winnow out the ego, vanity and rigidness that can poison a football team.

Whether a setback is suffered by an individual or the team as a whole, it can serve as a teachable moment for athletes.

Football improves analytical ability by forcing players to understand strategy and spatial arrangements.

Certain patterns work best for certain player rosters.

Courage can not be forged in risk-free environments.John Gregory has worked in the publishing and financial industries for over 20 years.He began writing for newsletters and marketing campaigns in 2003 and has since collaborated on pieces for Mortgage News and Mortgage Originator.Physical strength, endurance, agility, speed and flexibility are all enhanced from participation on a football team. Strength training through calisthenics and weights, plyometric drills, agility drills with tires and ladders, sprints and various stretching regimens are all incorporated into regular practice and running plays.

Players must overcome fatigue, maintain concentration and remain prepared for surprises on the field in order to win ball games.Former Indianapolis Colt Rob Morris recalls many friendships made with college and pro teammates, and credits them with having built his character.

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