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The United States Department of Defence’s Food and Drug Administration Shelf Life Extension Program has investigated the extent to which products are stable after their expiration date has been reached.It found that when medications were stored in their unopened containers, most remained stable for a number of years past the labelled expiry date.There is no greater gratification than receiving emails and phone calls from members thanking us for connecting them with their soul mate.Hearing these testimonials confirms to us that we have done our part in helping build the Jewish community.These are medications which should never be used after their expiry date.And finally, where you keep your medication is also very important.

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In 1688, the post office chose Falmouth as a packet station (or port) for handling overseas mail.Expiry dates were introduced for medicines around 30 years ago to signal the date beyond which the manufacturer can’t guarantee the Once the container or seal is opened, the expiration date on the packaging doesn’t apply any more.