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Prohibition candidates: The Prohibition Party met in Chicago Illinois on June 28 to nominate their presidential ticket.Hale Johnson, who had been their vice-presidential nominee in 1896, withdrew his name immediately before the balloting was to begin. Woolley was nominated on the first ballot, with Henry B.

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In the South, the Populists fused with the Republican Party.The move had its intended consequences, as in the mid-term election of 1898, Populist representation in the House of Representatives fell to 9, its lowest since the party's founding.The treatment of Populists by the Democratic Party led to a division in the party. Louis and issued an address calling for a "Middle of the Road" policy, in which the party would decline future fusion efforts.When Adlai Stevenson won the Democratic vice-presidential nomination over Charles Towne, Towne after withdrew from the race, with the Fusion Populists endorsing Stevenson.

Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, the "Middle of the Road" faction adopted a platform that called for the creation of fiat money, government ownership of key industries, and the opening of conservation lands for economic development.The United States presidential election of 1900 was the 29th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 6, 1900.