Star wars galaxies updating

19-May-2015 08:30

o Bio-linked weapons can only be deconstructed if you are the one it is bio-linked to.* When you examine an item that contains Stat modifiers (luck, precision, stamina, strength, constitution, and agility), those stats now appear in their own block labeled Stat Mods. * The Character tab now displays the correct birth date of the character.* The Birth Planet field has been removed from the Character tab.As some of you may have already read, we will be bringing TCPrime down for some maintenance for a few days.

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* Core levels are determined in the first experimentation session.* Looted non-schematic weapons have had their damage ranges decreased slightly.* Weapons that existed prior to Game Update 5 have not been changed or converted, but many looted weapons can be dismantled into tradable draft schematics that can be used in the new crafting system.* Enzymes have been split up into three different game object types for faster searching on a Bazaar terminal.* The process to craft all weapons has been updated.

* Cores, similar to cores used when armorsmithing, are new crafted subcomponents used to select the level of the weapon the trader is crafting.

* Added incubation time reduction modifier (minute based) for reverse engineering. All old commands they learned stay on them until they are removed. * Condor Dragons were considered giraffes and are now griffins.

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