Quicken not updating latest transactions

02-Oct-2016 20:55

Other Financial Institutions Download Typically, if the error only occurs when downloading transactions from Wells Fargo, it is likely a temporary server error.

Wait until the next business day and then attempt your session again.

The error message "Your financial institution has rejected your request" is typically followed by additional detail that indicates the nature of the online session failure.

Check for this information Quicken will go into error recovery as a result of an online error that prevents receiving a response from Wells Fargo.

The purpose of error recovery is to ensure that online sessions complete successfully before a new session is started.

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This failure may be due to the system's internet settings, firewall, router, ad blocker, ISP, or server outage.

These errors occur when your computer is unable to make a secure internet connection with Wells Fargo. Verify the information below is correct and try your connection again.

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