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We talked for nearly an hour about all the strange and lovely connections I've made in my life thanks to Metafilter.No way in hell do I have that kind of typing stamina!I'd just completed a degree as part of a small, tight-knit department, and really missed those easy friendships and conversations.For me, Metafilter at its best is like a symposium comprising people with an astonishingly broad array of skills and life experience, and a swinging party that's run till 3am because no one can bear to go home. Do most people think about having an affair at some point in their relationship? When I started dating my ex-husband, he was constantly spending time on this crazy blue website. We were living in Iceland at the time and he didn't have a valid credit card that was accepted by Pay Pal... Seven years later and my relationship with Meta Filter has lasted more than twice as long as our marriage.

Prior to the Romney leaked video thread, the previous record holder was the 5555 comment Sarah Palin thread about the Vice Presidential nominee pick of Republican Presidential candidate John Mc Cain, created on August 29th, 2008.

It took me a while to start reading, mostly because of the bluey blue blueness of it.

(I was so happy when professional white became an profile option; I just don't cope well with reading web text on dark or vibrant backgrounds! Sign-ups were closed at the time (in 2003), and it about did me in.

I agreed and decided that I would also sign up, because why not? I consider being one of the initiators of an in-joke that has since totally taken on a life of its own (the "longboat" which in no way initially referred to a long thread) one of my finest accomplishments.

That thread crashed my computer more times than I can count and the silliness helped cut the tension of an international move.The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks.