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Please make Videos - Prenatal Development, 4D Ultrasounds, photos and timelines! See why Tim's mother said "NO" when her doctor recommended she abort Tim. Fritz Baumgartner explains Young Pro-life Women: See their photos, read their pro-life statements Roe v. Join ONE MILLION VOICES and send a message to Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Norma "Roe" Mc Corvey: She was "Roe" in the historic "Roe v. Janet Smith: 65 excellent articles on abortion, sexual ethics, marital love, contraception and Catholic encyclicals Pro-Life Columns written by popular columnists Videos/Photos - EXCELLENT preborn IMAGES site by Endowment for Human Development Just the Facts Site - See more Fetal Images Fetal Development Timeline 83 Catholic Bishops oppose Obama at Notre Dame - Read Bishops' statements Essay Winners - Read winning student's pro-life essays here...

Video - "The Call" - Matt Kennon's very popular pro-life music video Video - Young Colorado mother saves baby, but dies in heroic effort Video - AMAZING LOVE! (Dallas TV News) Video - Mark Schultz's beautiful music video - "Everything To Me" Video - "Sex Ed" teacher wanted girls pregnant for abortion profits BLOODMONEY trailer: shocking documentary exposes abortion industry Videos - Sex abuse cover-ups by Planned Parenthood abortionists... Includes ESPN coverage of Heisman ceremony and Tim's amazing acceptance speech. Abortion Overview - A to Z for reports/speeches New pro-life research site — must see! Health Care Reform and Abortion: Get facts, news, updates, videos Watch Claire rehearsing her pro-life speech -- she was 7 years old.

11 victims exploited by Planned Parenthood's FREE abortions! Frank Pavone declared: Abortion "STATE OF EMERGENCY" Shocking story — abortion terrorists near "ground zero" FREE pro-life CATALOG with over 1,500 pro-life and chastity products. Touched by An Angel executive producer Martha Williamson produced a dramatic show about a woman's experience with abortion.

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2.5 million Love Matters newspapers have already been distributed (most for FREE), yet many more students urgently need copies so they won't abort their babies. Send a tax-deductible gift to help the publishers of and Love Matters save more young lives and souls with Eduardo Verastegui's HARD TRUTH video and our Love Matters publication. You'll love this inspiring video of Tim Tebow's miraculous story. Dave Kupelian World Net Daily Column: How lying marketers sold Roe v. Bernard Nathanson: this abortion doctor changed his mind after 60,000 abortions Research Tools: Abortion Overview - A to Z (for reports/speeches) Southern Medical Journal 2002 Report: Higher death rates for women who've had abortions Dr.All we ask is for help with the shipping and handling costs. The photos, videos, fetal development facts, stories and creative web design make this one of the top sites for prenatal images.Love is one of Pro-Life America's web sites, but Love is also a dynamic 32-page newspaper filled with pro-life and pro-chastity quotes from celebrities, sports stars, musicians and young campus leaders. Frank Pavone is our national advisor for this Love newspaper project and he's already helped us distribute more than 2.5 million copies. The Passion of the Christ movie and web site can indirectly help answer questions about abortion, if we ask: What Would Jesus Do? Students, teachers, pastors, parents and civic leaders are watching and showing this unforgettable video. watch and see Eduardo holding one of the first babies this video helped him save...

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Eduardo's video is a must see, especially now, when you can get the facts BEFORE, not after you've had an abortion.

"The Cider House Rules" - This movie's rotten to the core: Please don't let the TV ads or the Oscar awards fool you.

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