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08-Jan-2017 16:53

Lo dropping that "past 50 years" line (for the record, she's 42). That praise is deserved: Ledet's the best singer on the show — by a mile — and unlike some of his fellow hopefuls, he brings genuine emotion to each and every song.

I can't wait until he's voted off in, like, two weeks, so America can get the Skylar/Phil Phillips matchup they so desperately desire.

Then again, neither is Steven Tyler complimenting her "boot scoot." C Jessica Sanchez: Clearly rattled since her near-elimination a few weeks back, J. Her version of Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful" was most notable for its goofy stage design — is she starting a coven or something? And that's why I think Sanchez is living on borrowed time: She can outsing pretty much anybody, but the connection just isn't there.

Sanch continued her slide on Wednesday night with a pair of performances that were big on notes but largely bereft of actual emotion (did she and Hollie switch bodies or something?!? Her take on Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" was appropriately over-the-top but lacked real passion, which Randy actually picked up on — way to be awake, dawg! Then again, that's usually what happens when you're 16 and your biggest concern is, like, the prom.

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Joshua went with Los Angeles native's Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up," and the gospel feel of the song made it a great fit for Joshua.

Hollie took on Journey's "Faithfully," which fell right in line with the rest of the power ballads she's performed this season.