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09-Jun-2016 21:32

The White Dragon Bone Desert right outside Luo Lan city is known for its windstorms and dangerous terrain.

If it was a merchant caravan, the sound ought to be more than this lone noise.As for chapter 1 of YZG, It captivated me from the opening sentence and really drew vivid images of the three main characters right off the bat.The red string of fate binds Yun Ge to the two men in her life in ways that feel powerful yet playful.The boy glanced at Zhao Puo Nu’s cracked and dry lips and lightly said “You drink this water.” Zhao Puo Nu wanted to reply but the boy added “That is my order.” The others all believe this boy is Zhao Puo Nu’s relative, someone Zhao Puo Nu brought out during this undercover Xi Yu expedition to experience the world.

Only Zhao Puo Nu and the boy knows what his order meant.

in length, so thinking about it already gives me a headache.