Debbie online dating cats

08-May-2015 10:18

Besides saving cats and being REALLY famous, I’m taking a lot of acting classes and going on auditions.

All thanks to the video, I’m able to pursue acting which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

No, I had no intentions of the video going viral, or really anyone to see it other than my family and friends.

I always made weird videos on my friend’s Facebook walls just to get a laugh.

I knew it was going viral when all of Afghanistan was talking about it!

No, I put the video on You Tube late one night because Facebook’s video feature wasn’t working.

As I was getting ready to turn my computer off, the line “I want to hug every cat but I can’t because that’s crazy, I can’t hug EVERY cat” went through my head and I thought .

So I tried to record it on my sisters Facebook wall and it wouldn’t let me so I used my computers webcam.

Well, I haven’t been to many places, but I’d have to say Joshua Tree National Park in California. The giant boulders and rock formation were beautiful and hiking through the Park was super cool.I’ve probably blocked over 200 people on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube because of death threats and disgusting sexual comments. Yea, you figure that when over 25 million people see something, you’re going to get some freakos, glad it’s only been 200!You recently starred in a Volkswagen commercial as “yourself”, the “cat lady” that aired during the Super Bowl, how was the experience of actually getting to be in a full-on production opposed to shooing with a webcam at home? I had no idea that it was for a national television spot, let alone a Super Bowl commercial. She loves them so much that she can't help but burst into tears just by thinking about them.

We're talking hyperventilating, snot-enducing, hair-pulling kind of crying!

I’m a “photographer” and get yelled at by one of the main characters for taking a picture of some lady.