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The structure had several large rooms, and it extends to the south and east where it remains unexcavated. ———, “Level I Pottery from Kilise Tepe,” in Excavations at Kilise Tepe, 1994–98: From Bronze Age to Byzantine in Western Cilicia, ed. Towards the center of the complex was a space with a paved floor, and on the north side a walled, external area where two fire installations were built along the west side of the east wall. 4: View to the south of spaces on the northern part of the complex. Sure, Tyra once dated NBA pro Chris Webber (about whom she cried on an episode of , "One thing I can say is I try not to date people who are famous because one celebrity plus another celebrity equals five..paparazzi will just start mixing my name with theirs," noting that she prefers to be set up on dates by her friends.Tyra is currently dating Wall Street banker John Utendahl, who founded the United States' largest African-American owned investment group.At the same time we are able to consider Kilise Tepe as a case study for the region. Kilise Tepe can be considered both as a subsistence agricultural community and as part of wider economic and social networks in which its inhabitants participated.The mound at Kilise Tepe also provides an interesting contrast to the contemporary monumental ecclesiastical site at Alahan excavated by Michael Gough, lying further north in the Göksu valley, and to coastal towns and cities, such as Anemurium, excavated by James Russell, and Elaiussa Sebaste, under excavation by Professor E. It also complements surveys carried out further north in the valley by the Göksu Archaeological Project, directed by Prof. Elton (Trent), and of the limestone settlements close to Silifke, directed by Dr. We are therefore interested in levels of subsistence and production at Kilise Tepe at particular periods and through time.

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The location of the mound at Kilise Tepe provides an ideal case study both for rural settlement and for settlement history in Isauria since it lies in an agricultural basin of the strategic Göksu valley that links the Mediterranean to central Anatolia.By contrast, our work in N15 and O15 in 2007–2008 seemed to suggest that the buildings in this area had been abandoned, with their contents left lying in situ. Jackson, M., “Medieval Rural Settlement at Kilise Tepe in the Göksu Valley,” in Archaeology of the Countryside in Medieval Anatolia, ed.

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