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16-Aug-2014 19:15

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I know that you've been with your partner for 15 years and I think that's AWESOME!!But in the lesbian community, relationships seem to be filled with drama, cheating girlfriends, sleeping with exes, flirting with other women's girlfriends etc.Ask deeper and detailed questions about his hobbies, interests, work, family and friends.Share the details of your life as well and don't shy away from showing your true personality by going out and discovering things both he and you might by interested in. Arrange to see the same film then schedule an after cinema re-cap.Support your friends and supportive people will be attracted to you.Go out of your way to help people and when you need help, it will appear.Find hotels together, discuss what tours you'll book and how you'll spend your holiday.These are only few examples of ways you can enhance your existing connection while keeping an interest in each other from a distance.

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I believe lesbians are just as capable as having long-term relationships as straight women, or gay men. You challenge is not just to find someone who wants a long-term relationship, but who wants one with YOU. Act with integrity and you’ll find people with integrity is who you’ll attract.

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