Consolidating someone elses debt Live chat donne nude free

20-May-2014 11:23

Also, how valuable is this real estate investing career?For time and money invested, how much did John actually make on the first house?

If the debt repayment is contingent upon the proposal or upon the marriage, then he should wait to pay it off – if it is not, he should pay the debt off immediately.* She (we) will save quite a bit in interest costs by paying this off completely.Cons: * This move would limit my RE investing options, as I would only have about 20K to work with.Of course, with a situation as complex as this, I’m sure my readers will have some additional ideas.

Myth: Debt consolidation saves interest, and there’s one smaller payment.

She just finished school and is coming out holding a little over 20K (interest of ~6% on both) of school debt.