Comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes

11-Dec-2014 17:33

An invitation was distributed by the teachers at the schools.

Each participant received an information folder and signed a written consent.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of the physical activity questions from the WHO HBSC questionnaire and from the IPAQ (short version) among adolescents aged 13–18 years.

Comparisons were done with objective measures of both physical activity and physical fitness.

"Low activity" represent "one day a week or less" or "one hour a week or less"; "moderate activity" represent "2–3 days a week" or "2–3 hours a week"; "high activity" represent "four days a week or more" or "four hour a week or more" (Table ].

The questionnaire inquires activity during the last week.

comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes-10

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In epidemiological studies the use of self-reported questionnaires is often the only feasible method [].To create and find accurate and reliable instruments for the measurement of physical activity has been a challenge in epidemiological studies.

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