Android location manager not updating Mature 100percent dating site

04-Feb-2017 05:29

Problem: When I physically change my location (say drive 5 miles away) and I open my app and the activity to show the nearest restaurants, it takes long time(4-5 minutes) for the location to refresh and till then the app continues to show the restaurants for the previous location.

But if I physically change my location and access Google Maps and then open my restaurant application, then it works instantaneously. What can I do to get the Location Manager to kick in and refresh the location as soon as I open my activity? It looks like you're missing some code - what is "Restaurant Last Known Location(this)" and what does it do?

Note that the criteria may not resolve to any providers, in which case a null will be returned.

Your application should be prepared to gracefully handle the situation.

When the app goes in on Pause(), the location updates are stopped.

It works fine on the emulator when I pass the updates through the terminal.

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The snippet below asks for a provider backed by the GPS.

let accuracy: CLLocation Accuracy=last Location.horizontal Accuracy// the radius of uncertainity location in meters print("Received location \(last Location) with acccuracy \(accuracy)") if (accuracy Actually, CLLocation Manager would still callback several times after called stop Updating Location() function. If you want function get Location Data() only be called once time, just use a global variable to limit execution times.locations not location, it's an array of CLLocation [CLLocation], that's why your code has locations.last!

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