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(c) Medications administration training of staff persons shall be conducted by an instructor who has completed and passed the Medications Administration Course for trainers and is certified by the Department to train staff persons.

The provisions of this § 2380.127 adopted January 15, 1993, effective January 16, 1993, 23 Pa. (b) A staff person who has completed and passed the Department’s Medications Administration Course and who has completed and passed a diabetes patient education program within the past 12 months that meets the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education Programs of the National Diabetes Advisory Board, 7550 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20205, is permitted to administer insulin injections to an individual who is under the care of a licensed physician who is monitoring the diabetes.

(3) A student nurse of an approved nursing program functioning under the direct supervision of a member of the nursing school faculty who is present in the facility.

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(5) At least one complete meal shall be provided if the individual is at the facility for 4 or more hours. (7) The quantity of food served at each meal shall contain at least one-third of the minimum daily requirements as recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. (10) Food shall be protected from contamination while being stored, prepared, served and transported. (11) Uneaten food from a person’s dish or from family style serving dishes may not be served again or used in the preparation of other meals. (6) Each meal served shall contain at least one item from the dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables and grain food groups, unless medically contraindicated for an individual. The provisions of this § 2380.132 adopted January 15, 1993, effective January 16, 1993, 23 Pa. (2) Interferes with an individual’s ability to acquire positive reinforcement.

(14) Mechanical dishwashers shall be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A restrictive procedure is a practice that does one or more of the following: (1) Limits an individual’s movement, activity or function.When someone becomes a foster parent or adopts a child they are often put into a position to manage difficult behaviors.

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