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The Rho family GTPase Eh Rho1 lacks a signature Rho insert helix and sensitivity to C3 exoenzyme.Crystal structures of Eh Rho1 indicate unique nucleotide-contacting residues that confer fast intrinsic nucleotide exchange activity.A total of 9 ball fields were discovered under thick forest overgrowth dating back to AD 25 in the area which is now known as "Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Tibes" (The Tibes Indigenoius Ceremonial Center).The site is now a tourist attraction and is open to the public.

The players were allowed to use their heads, elbows, shoulders and knees.However, Eh Rho1 functions like its homologs in engaging a diaphanous-related formin effector to regulate actin polymerization.Sports in Puerto Rico can be traced from the ceremonial competitions amongst the pre-Columbian Native Americans of the Arawak (Taíno) tribes which inhabited the island to the modern era in which sports activities consist of an organized physical activity or skill carried out with a recreational purpose for competition.According to Fray Bartolomé de las Casas the game was played in the following manner: "One team served the ball and the other team returned it, using anything but the hands.

If the ball arrived at shoulder height, it was returned like lightning.

One of the sports which the Taíno's played was a ball game called "Batey".